Finchihuahua: Animangling in action

From time to time, I get asked how I do these things. The short answer is “each one is different” but a quick and dirty animangle doesn’t take long and isn’t overly tricky. So, here’s a pretty crap animangle (by my exacting standards  – it’s pretty low resolution compared to my usual stuff) to start with. The Finchihuahua:

and here is a 42 second youtube thingymabob sort of showing how it was made while not actually telling you a damned thing about how it was made:


Animangle Challenge: Dog/Rabbit

Have a go at making a dog/rabbit like this little buniel here (you may recognise the rabbit as the one from my twitter avi and the “What am I?” section of this site):

Tweet your creatures @quebectango using the #animanglechallenge hashtag or email them to and I’ll add them below. If you’ve never tried this sort of thing before, have a go anyway, the results are always funny.
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