Animangle Challenge: Self-portraits

This time I’m offering a prize of an animangle portrait for one lucky entrant. Winner will be chosen by my two year old daughter by some random means probably involving building blocks with numbers on them.

We’ll go for a freeform jazz style for this challenge. I want you to take a picture of yourself and blend it with a beast of your choice. Put your features on a creature. Here’s one I prepared earlier:

As usual tweet your unholy hybrids to me @quebectango using the hashtag #animanglechallenge or if you don’t go in for that sort of twittery-japery then email them to

Entries will appear below.

Our first brave soldier is @talktotippers with this woolly rascal:

Next up we have @pauljwarner with this cheeky beggar:

An entry from @naomimorris80. I’m no expert (though I should be) but are those balls?

Entry from @dannyboy31, the cheeky ferret:

This lofty devil is from @bickleo:

Laidback lemur @AndyBrownUK

A clarinet playing “Emmaroo” from @emmydestinova

This harrowing image is courtesy of @duffs84 who made it on her iPhone.

This cheerful beast is from @kitkant

An entry from animangle newcomer @leila_kate

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