What am I?

I am all but one of the following:

  • One of those “Have you tried turning it off and on again?” types
  • Batman
  • A photoshop junkie
  • Able to fit the rim of a pint glass in my mouth or a whole wagon wheel or 48 Maltesers (before they’ve melted)
  • Not far from 50
  • A lazy git with an alarming amount of things going on
  • I update this website maybe once every 5 years if you’re lucky
  • Owner of a LEGO collection comprising some 100,000 bricks

What else can I tell you? Erm…

I can be found on mastadon: mstdn.social/@quebectango where you will find I am quite approachable.


A book of my work was once published in Norway by Emma-Lisa Namløs who was also the author of the poems (in Norwegian obviously) featured alongside my work in the book. The book now enjoys the same degree of obscurity that is enjoyed by Fly-fishing by J.R. Hartley and can be found in no good bookshops.

If you are a publisher looking to publish my work, please get in touch.

My work has been featured in:

  • Buzzfeed three times #1 #2 #3
  • Huffington Post (where I was briefly an occasional blogger for the comedy section)
  • Emerald Street
  • BILD – Large German media site
  • Stern.de – a German magazine’s website
  • WAZ (derwestern.de) web and print – German newspaper
  • Gizmodo
  • Medicini – some random Bavarian publication found in Dentists’ waiting rooms throughout that particular part of the globe
  • French biology text books… yes, really.

TV appearances:

I’m also responsible for this Harrison Ford image that went viral worldwide and was widely believed to have been posted by Harrison himself:

I used to do a bit of promo stuff for a couple of comedians and the occasional commissioned work. I was responsible for the design of the album cover for Boothby Graffoe‘s new albums: Nomad and sOmE oF ThE bEsT oF bOoThBy GrAfFoE.

I am open to offers of commissioned works and also do a fine line in human animangles – me as a rabbit for example – which make a nice gift or front cover for a birthday card.

I’d quite like to do the photoshopped images they use in films and TV of people in their youth in photos and suchlike which I have always looked at and thought “Sweet Jesus that’s crap!” If you’re a producer or production staff looking for someone to do that. I guarantee it’ll be better than the shite that Hollywood deems adequate.