Animangle Challenge: Cat/Squirrel

Cat + squirrel = squat or something like that. Whatever. Make me one.

Use hashtag #animanglechallenge and tweet em @quebectango or emailĀ 

Oh and have the making of documentary too – this one was a little more involved than the last one and shows a couple of my tricks and, if you watch carefully, me recovering from a balls-up where I had to backtrack having deleted a bit of the cat’s eyes.


Submissions will appear below…

First entry from @bickleo‘s daughter, Libby, aged 5.

and this is her dad’s effort. Clearly it skips a generation.

Entry from @naomimorris80. Seamless.

Entry from @kitkant

Entry from @BHLC

Entry from @emmydestinova

Entry from @ojedge. This one’s got attitude.

Entry from @blogging_good

Entry from @imzem

A frankly staggeringly good entry from my friend of about 10 years who I’ve never met, @T_B_Kahuna

Entry from @dannyboy31

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