Animangle Challenge: Cat/Bird

As the last one went so well, let’s have another go. Throw a cat amongst the pigeons. See what I did there? Make me a cat/bird by any means at your disposal. Tweet em @quebectango using hashtag #animanglechallenge or email

First entry from @ojedge which he has titled “Puffinboots”

Entry from @H0013

An amusing entry from @naomimorris80 – she staked her claim within minutes of me putting this new challenge out there.

Entries from @flufftheelder

and this Picasso-esque number…

Entry from @SB_Murray

A somewhat conflicted entry from @gayeeky

Entries from @kitkant

That’s put me right off my nuggets.


Entry from @emmydestinova

Entry from @bickleo who acknowledges it could do with a bit of blending but just look at that face!

Entries from @scott_mill

Entry from @imzem

I think I’ve got some competition here:

Entry from @Adam_Leedham

Another scissors and tape composition

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