Animangle Challenge: Monkey/Cat

If you’d like to see your very own animangle featured right here, all you have to do is merge a cat with a monkey via any means you have at your disposal* – tweet them @quebectango or email them to and I’ll add them.


* – legal means only please. Scientific experimentation and/or vivisection will not be accepted.

Entry from @DJSubTerrain

Entry from @priceys_right

Entries from @kitkant

With clear credit to 123RF for the cat image (He nicked it, not me)

Entry from @emmydestinova

Holding a banana made of cat heads. Nice.

Entries from @audiopsyence

It is neither a cat or a monkey but who am I to judge?

But this one is both a cat/monkey and excellent…

Entry from @ojedge

Entry from @spricey

Entry from @gayeeky

Do you see what he did there?

Entry from @hennell

Entry from @nobbynobody

Again… not technically a monkey/cat but I admire what this guy can do with an implement I can barely write with.

Head over to to see more of this impressive work.

Entry from @BHLC

Entries from @Adam_Leedham

Adam did these with scissors and tape. Scissors. And tape. Old school animangling.

Entry from @imzem

This one looks a little bit like my brother-in-law, only more catty.

Entry from @T_B_Kahuna

Kahuna is churning out some pretty damned good 3D stuff nowadays. Mainly Ukeleles but everyone has to start somewhere eh?

Entry from @scottywrotem

Very droll, sir. Very droll.

Entry from @AndyBrownUK

One of those ones you think might actually exist… somewhere.

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