Animangle Challenge: Frog/Cat

If my experience of the last hour or so is anything to go by, this is VERY difficult. This wasn’t helped by photoshop crashing at about the 25% completed stage. Anyway, Get a bit of a frog and a bit of a cat and try and form a whole creature. Tweet em at me using the hashtag #animanglechallenge or email

Entry from @thecordialdevil


Entry from @djsubterrain

Looks like it’s been caught getting dressed.

Entry from @imzem who acknowledges that this is indeed a tricky challenge.

Entry from @flufftheelder

Entry from @bhlc

Raising the bar with this one:

A serious entry from @gayeeky

and a not so serious one…

Entry @emmydestinova

I like the minimalist cat component that works really well here. Oh and the now trademark bonus embellishment, in this case a reclining cat, that you so easily miss at first glance.

Entry from @ojedge


Entry from @talktotippers

Kermit the Cat

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