Animangle Challenge: Pig/Frog

As suggested by @scottywrotem who is curious about what the offspring of Kermit and Miss Piggy would look like, I’ll have your pig/frogs next please. Tweet em @quebectango using the #animanglechallenge hashtag or email

Here’s mine 😀

Entry from @dannyboy31. His and mine could have come from the same litter.

Entries from @kitkant. This would also be suitable for a challenge entitled “Kermit in drag”.

Entry from @vix_matthews (owner of an ENORMOUS cat… possibly)

Entry from @audiopsyence

Entry from @bickleo note the fly that the hungry beast will shortly deploy its projectile tongue to collect.

Entry from @emmydestinova. Loving the little tail on the frog on the left.

Entry from @imzem

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