Silver sequels

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Our action heroes are getting older and the sequels keep on coming, each time the hair and plots gets thinner. So, a glimpse into the future…

This started as an exercise in aging people… I started with Bruce Willis. Deciding to give him hair to make him look older was an odd decision but I think it works better than no hair.

The next action hero to get the treatment was Jason Statham. I started with a BIG canvas to age him and ultimately this became just a small part of the finished piece. Oh and thank you to Ving Rhames for Jason’s cue ball noggin, his actual noggin was too prickly.


Next up, following a suggestion from Huffington Post UK Comedy Editor, @andreamann, we have Tom Cruise in the frame. So, I started by wrinkling him up a bit:

Then to designing the DVD case…

Next up we have another suggestion by¬†@andreamann, Partial Recall. So I had the choice of Arnie or Colin Farrell. As Arnie is already as wrinkly as he’s going to get, it had to be Colin. So, into the wrinklification chamber for Colin:

and then onto the DVD cover:

The fifth and final one of this series, Keanu Reeves. Step 1 – wrinklification:


Step 2: DVD

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