Classic “Guess Who?” – Fleshed out

The classic version of “Guess Who?” was a staple of many a 70s child’s upbringing. It got ruined in the late 80s by the increasingly politically correct market, with good reason, as it lacked any ethnic minority faces, however, what it was replaced with was an awful caricaturised mess. So, here is what I would have liked to have seen…

Facial features borrowed heavily from John Kerry, who has one of the biggest chins in the civilised world.

Based almost entirely on John Sergeant with a hint of Stephen Fry’s nose and Alistair Darling’s hair. I forget who donated the eyebrows but clearly they aren’t Darling’s.

Unintentionally I’ve made her look alarmingly similar to Dudley Moore’s Lady Penelope

This one took ages and I’m still not happy with it.

I started with Richard Madeley and ended with a red-haired resident of an Orlando retirement home.

I’ll add more when I finish them. They take quite a while…

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