Welcome to BIBL-UK

This is the website for the United Kingdom division of Eastern European discount superstore, BIBL.

You will find details of BIBL-UK’s deals and offers on this site as well as having the opportunity to suggest products that you would like to see BIBL-UK stock.

Currently, BIBL-UK operates stores in Romford, Essex and Wakefield, West Yorkshire as well as a garden centre in Trowbridge, Wiltshire.

BIBL-UK’s General Manager, Olaf Zwyzt (left) is keen to establish a foothold for BIBL in the UK and is open to any ideas you may have to improve BIBL operations.

Interact with Olaf on twitter: @olafzwyzt he is happy to help.

We hope you enjoy shopping at BIBL, our friendly staff will do their very best to ensure your shopping experience is one to remember.


Take a look at some of the deals BIBL has made available to its customers recently (best viewed in full HD fullscreen)