Download Guess Who? Character Cards

I designed some Guess Who? Character Cards for my daughter to play with so I thought I may as well share them with you too. I can’t sell them due to copyright but if you fancied contributing something to maintain this site via the donate button below, I wouldn’t complain.

These are designed for this specific version of Guess Who? made by Hasbro. Hasbro has withdrawn the templates that it used to provide so I have had to create these from scratch. The card size is 216mm x 238mm which makes it slightly wider than A4 so I’d suggest printing on A3 and then trimming to size. The pdfs below are to size so printing them at 100% scale on A3 should result in a perfect fit. I hope you enjoy them.

Note: Only 1 card set is currently available but I will be adding more soon.

Download Guess Who? Character Cards:

Minions - Guess Who? Extra

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